Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I Heart Wristbands

I Heart BandsI Heart Wristbands are the ultimate silicone wristbands that make it truly easy wear your heart on your sleeve. The band is one color, the text is another and of course there is an embossed and RED color-filled heart that identifies our exclusive, patent-pending love band design!

Do you wish to help any charity trusts?? Now it’s very simple. Yes. By purchasing “I Heart Bands” you can save 20% of the wristband prize and donate the portion of 20% sale to the specified charity trust. To do this, choose a charity code from the bottom of I HEART BANDS builder page. Even when you buy just one I Heart wristband the charity gets 20% of the sale!

There is a whole range of different silicone rubber bracelets designs are there to choose from wristbandconnection.com - the leading wristbands shop in Texas and you can even ask for a custom design in order to meet your specific preferences. Pricing and turnaround times for I Heart Wristbands are similar like our other customized wristbands.

You will find that WristbandConnection.com (maker of I HEART BANDS) is so much more than just a wristband sales company; we are the innovators in silicone wristbands. Be sure to find and "Like" us to see what's next!

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