Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winston Stettner – Trustworthy Diamond Investments

I have been associated with Winston Stettner over the past few years and completely satisfied with their service. They follow a very professional approach and value every customer who approaches them to sell diamonds. Winston Stettner diamond buying staff has a complete knowledge on different types of diamonds and ready to travel miles in order to purchase diamonds.

They have been in the industry for more than 40 years and there are many other satisfied clients like me when I read their testimonials. They deal in purchasing large diamonds and designer jewelry. There are several things thing that attracts their clients and to me it is their price and service when compared to other competitors in this industry. While selling s piece of diamond jewelry the customers need to know in and out about the buyer for getting the best price. As a customer I won’t be making any compromise if I think I am not getting the best price. The staff has all the patience in the world to explain to the customer on various things when it comes to buying diamond jewelry.

I definitely need to mention about their bonding with the customers. Since my first meeting with them they have contacted me on plenty of occasions and they impressed with me their professionalism in handling this business

High level of expertise and customer satisfaction has won lot of accolades for them in this industry and also to maintain their reputation. Winston Stettner diamond investments do not charge any fee for storage or photography. The diamond jewelry is evaluated on the spot and offers were made directly.

With their modern technology enables us they also convert your existing gemstone and potentially transform it into a gem of increased value. Their gemologists have attained success in this art form.

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