Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cocktail dresses for boosting the oomph factor

Do you wish to stand out from the crowd and make an individual fashion statement? Reflecting femininity and passion, the cocktail dresses are the ideal attire for today's women which would boost their charisma. The main advantage of cocktail dresses is that it is formal as well as trendy. The demand for party wears has gone up with the sudden increase in the trend of throwing parties. More and more designers are putting in the effort to bring out the most appealing evening gowns, short dresses and cocktail dresses for the classy women.

The designer evening gowns have been gracing the red carpet fashion. At the same time, the cocktail dresses are gaining popularity as semi-formal attires for prom and other formal occasion. Being in demand most of the time, the cocktail dresses come in variety of shapes, sizes and lengths. Among them one of the most popular choices would be the little black dress. The popularity of little black dress is really prominent as many celebrities appear in little black leather dress quite often. Hence further explanation is not needed to know that how the cocktail dresses have become the favorite choice for many women. It is the first choice for the trend loving women.

The current fashion trends and wardrobe acceptability are the main factors that would determine the length of a cocktail dress. The length of some dresses would stop some inches above the knee, while other selections would end around two inches from above the ankle. Such pattern is known widely as tea length cocktail dress. On the other hand, if the length of a cocktail dress touches the ankle it is called ballerina length. In that case, it would be considered as an evening gown as there would not be much difference to figure out between the two. These days the cocktail dresses are presented in a wide array of beautiful materials like silk, satin and chiffon being the most sought after choice.

Wearing a cocktail dress is not only about the dress and the type of materials but also the flattering fashion jewelry, designer handbag and other accessories that accompany it. The shoes that you pick to wear along with the cocktail dress would also set off the fashion trend especially if you are in a shorter length dress and shoes become an important focal point. Therefore there is also a need to keep an eye over the latest shoe trends.

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