Thursday, 21 July 2011

Create wonderful memories with stylish cocktail dresses

Even at the outset, it is necessary to understand what is meant by a cocktail dress. A cocktail dress is meant to be worn on formal occasions, like receptions, office events, or social gatherings. The dress is expected to be fancier and more stylish compared to all other dresses except the standard evening gown.

When selecting a cocktail dress, make sure if it is the right design for you because all women are built differently. Not all women can look good wearing all styles of cocktail dresses that are available in the market.

An invitation to a cocktail event can throw light on what type of cocktail dress will be most appropriate for the occasion. If you receive a formal invitation, without any personal reminder, it usually suggests you pay special attention to the cocktail dress. You can choose more vintage colors, and also get away with flashy shades and short and provocative cocktail dresses at this kind of party.

A cocktail dress is generally not a full-length gown and the length varies from a mini-skirt to above the ankle length. While determining the length of the dress, you should consider the formality of the event and how comfortable you will feel exposing your leg.

The choice of cloth for the cocktail dress should more depend on the season and the weather during the party. Heavier materials may be proper for fall and winter while more gentle fabrics are best for spring and summer. Perhaps, it may be wise to opt for an all-season fabric, such as lightweight wool, silk, linen or even cotton.

The sheen of fabrics like silk, chiffon and satin undeniably create a lasting impression on the guests around. Test whether the fabric wrinkles fast by grabbing, squeezing and releasing with your hand.

The season can also dictate the choice of color for your cocktail dress. During the fall and winter, darker colors like black, navy blue, and crimson will look appealing. Daytime events or events held in warmer weather will make pastels, sun colors, or lighter shades more suitable. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they do not fade.

Look for a versatile style that will go well with different shoes, jewelry and other accessories. A sleeveless or short-sleeved dress works well during all seasons, worn alone or with a jacket, sweater or shawl. What is of greater importance is you should feel absolutely comfortable wearing the cocktail dress. When you try the dress on, walk, sit, move and even dance around to make sure it is wholly comfortable.

Cocktail dresses possess an enchantment all their own and every woman wants to exhibit her feminine charm in the best possible manner. Unconventional styles, cozy fabrics, striking patterns and certain other exotic features form the essential ingredients of a radiant looking cocktail dress.

You can opt for a pretty cowl necked sequined dress. This is a very unorthodox kind of a neckline and women who fancy unconventional patterns will love it. A strapless neckline is sure to make you conspicuous in any crowd. Strapless necklines have an element of glamour to lend sparkle to your appearance. Should you want to focus on cleavage, you can make the cocktail dresses more revealing to show a bit of skin.

When donning a fabulous cocktail dress, you must avoid too many accessories as they will make the cocktail dress lose its significance. Simply a string of pearls will surely suffice and add enhance your overall attractiveness.

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