Thursday, 28 July 2011

Different party dresses for special occasion

We all like to look our best on every event. We decide our dresses according to the occasion. If we go for a party, we wear an outfit which resembles the mood of the party. Now-a-days, with life getting so mechanical, we spare some times to party. Alongside all those festive season, we have our weekends and occasional parties always waiting for us. Well, thanks to these parties that we feel so active after all that pressure and all the work.

It is important that you look chic. However, you should also know full well what makes you happy, and dress according to the occasion. The style that suits your body type, the occasion, the look which you want to sport, such factors should assist you decide which dress you should wear to which place. Get rid of your pre party jitters and be ready to rock any party in the prettiest dresses. The maxi dresses can leave back a retro charm and it will surely put you at the forefront of attraction and you will gain numerous appreciative glances without any shadow of doubt. You can also even wear a black shirt, paired with a shrug or a jacket. You can also be dressed more officially, with white tie, formal shirt, and formal trouser. For women, party dresses would give you a new high, and you would be spoiling rotten with so many choices to select from. You can wear a long, flowing dress for a party. You can also go in for a short yet stylish looking dress which would give you that chic look.

Talking of party dresses; both the genders have various dresses according to the kind of party. If we consider party in three different kinds based on the cause of the party, we can classify them in formal, semi-formal and casual parties. The best conventional dress for any formal occasion for men is tuxedo. Tuxedo with a tie of the apt pattern and color looks fabulous on any man. For the fairer sex, it still depends on the event. One can go with the full maxi dress or well designed gowns, which are designed especially for such occasions. The party dress for any non formal event should avoid tuxedos at all expensive. You can wear with respect to the fashion. You can also experiment different kind of attires. Like, try wearing a casual pant with half-sleeve t-shirts for the usual Friday night parties. It looks quite sober and feels very happy.

Evening dresses would be apt for a romantic evening. If it is a romantic evening party, then sport the bold look with a low cut and long flowing dress. Team up your romantic evening dress with a sexy pair of open toes shoes. If you carry a clutch which compliments evening gowns for you, then nothing like it! Teaming up your evening party dresses with the right kind of footwear is also essential.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Create wonderful memories with stylish cocktail dresses

Even at the outset, it is necessary to understand what is meant by a cocktail dress. A cocktail dress is meant to be worn on formal occasions, like receptions, office events, or social gatherings. The dress is expected to be fancier and more stylish compared to all other dresses except the standard evening gown.

When selecting a cocktail dress, make sure if it is the right design for you because all women are built differently. Not all women can look good wearing all styles of cocktail dresses that are available in the market.

An invitation to a cocktail event can throw light on what type of cocktail dress will be most appropriate for the occasion. If you receive a formal invitation, without any personal reminder, it usually suggests you pay special attention to the cocktail dress. You can choose more vintage colors, and also get away with flashy shades and short and provocative cocktail dresses at this kind of party.

A cocktail dress is generally not a full-length gown and the length varies from a mini-skirt to above the ankle length. While determining the length of the dress, you should consider the formality of the event and how comfortable you will feel exposing your leg.

The choice of cloth for the cocktail dress should more depend on the season and the weather during the party. Heavier materials may be proper for fall and winter while more gentle fabrics are best for spring and summer. Perhaps, it may be wise to opt for an all-season fabric, such as lightweight wool, silk, linen or even cotton.

The sheen of fabrics like silk, chiffon and satin undeniably create a lasting impression on the guests around. Test whether the fabric wrinkles fast by grabbing, squeezing and releasing with your hand.

The season can also dictate the choice of color for your cocktail dress. During the fall and winter, darker colors like black, navy blue, and crimson will look appealing. Daytime events or events held in warmer weather will make pastels, sun colors, or lighter shades more suitable. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they do not fade.

Look for a versatile style that will go well with different shoes, jewelry and other accessories. A sleeveless or short-sleeved dress works well during all seasons, worn alone or with a jacket, sweater or shawl. What is of greater importance is you should feel absolutely comfortable wearing the cocktail dress. When you try the dress on, walk, sit, move and even dance around to make sure it is wholly comfortable.

Cocktail dresses possess an enchantment all their own and every woman wants to exhibit her feminine charm in the best possible manner. Unconventional styles, cozy fabrics, striking patterns and certain other exotic features form the essential ingredients of a radiant looking cocktail dress.

You can opt for a pretty cowl necked sequined dress. This is a very unorthodox kind of a neckline and women who fancy unconventional patterns will love it. A strapless neckline is sure to make you conspicuous in any crowd. Strapless necklines have an element of glamour to lend sparkle to your appearance. Should you want to focus on cleavage, you can make the cocktail dresses more revealing to show a bit of skin.

When donning a fabulous cocktail dress, you must avoid too many accessories as they will make the cocktail dress lose its significance. Simply a string of pearls will surely suffice and add enhance your overall attractiveness.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Considerations in choosing evening gowns

What are you going to wear? That thought may be playing on do again in your mind if you have an upcoming, formal event to attend. The good and bad news is that there are many choices - formal cocktail dresses, gowns, backless dresses, etc. The following article provides some tips to consider in choosing evening gowns.

Peruse offline and buy online

Today's woman does not necessarily require visiting a department store or boutique to purchase a dress. Plenty of elegant dress options exist online store for the modern shopper. It is not unusual to find the same dresses for less on the Web. Online retailers have the benefit of saving an on store rent and in-store employees; so, they often use the money saved to lower the retail price of dresses. Of course, there is something to be said about the excitement of actually shopping and trying things on. It is suggested to do some store browsing to get a few ideas, and then do your purchasing online store.

Accessories first?

Sometimes gravitation towards an exact accessory or piece of jewelry can spark inspiration in choosing formal dresses. It may be unusual to choose your fashion accessories before your dress, yet it may help in making a definitive dress decision. You may have family heirlooms that you have attached to or your eye on a particular necklace or bracelet; is it possible to select a dress around accessories rather than vice versa?

Isolated occasion or party dress

One factor to consider is the tenacity of the clothes. Are you going to wear it beyond the future occasion? Consider to choose a dress with dynamic potential. Several times prom dresses can dually serve as evening dresses or homecoming dresses can later serve as appropriate formal dresses for another affair. In addition, shoes, different jewelry, and hair can make a dress look completely new from occasion to occasion.

There are a few basic rules of thumb which we can adopt while selecting our evening dresses...

A) The Gown Size: - The vigorous of the gown are dressed in is very important. Look out for the special juncture evening gowns hats congratulate your figure shape. If you are bigger on the hip, prefer gowns which drapes in the region of you rather of flaring. If you are too heavy, choose impressive that is movable all around or a fashion that gains at the hips can appear flattering too.
B) Color of the Evening Dresses: - A homochromatic color format naturally does work most excellent to slim and lengthen your body. Forever attempt to choose an evening gown with a single color scheme consecutively throughout the length of it.
C) The Add-ons to match: - Add a colorful scarf, if you want the focal point of the evening to be your face, and if you would like to portray concentration to your slim waist, you can make use of a strap or a tie up hanging about the waist.
D) Shoes: - No outfit is furnished lacking the right shoes. Pick a color that is in accord with the color of your evening dress.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cocktail dresses for boosting the oomph factor

Do you wish to stand out from the crowd and make an individual fashion statement? Reflecting femininity and passion, the cocktail dresses are the ideal attire for today's women which would boost their charisma. The main advantage of cocktail dresses is that it is formal as well as trendy. The demand for party wears has gone up with the sudden increase in the trend of throwing parties. More and more designers are putting in the effort to bring out the most appealing evening gowns, short dresses and cocktail dresses for the classy women.

The designer evening gowns have been gracing the red carpet fashion. At the same time, the cocktail dresses are gaining popularity as semi-formal attires for prom and other formal occasion. Being in demand most of the time, the cocktail dresses come in variety of shapes, sizes and lengths. Among them one of the most popular choices would be the little black dress. The popularity of little black dress is really prominent as many celebrities appear in little black leather dress quite often. Hence further explanation is not needed to know that how the cocktail dresses have become the favorite choice for many women. It is the first choice for the trend loving women.

The current fashion trends and wardrobe acceptability are the main factors that would determine the length of a cocktail dress. The length of some dresses would stop some inches above the knee, while other selections would end around two inches from above the ankle. Such pattern is known widely as tea length cocktail dress. On the other hand, if the length of a cocktail dress touches the ankle it is called ballerina length. In that case, it would be considered as an evening gown as there would not be much difference to figure out between the two. These days the cocktail dresses are presented in a wide array of beautiful materials like silk, satin and chiffon being the most sought after choice.

Wearing a cocktail dress is not only about the dress and the type of materials but also the flattering fashion jewelry, designer handbag and other accessories that accompany it. The shoes that you pick to wear along with the cocktail dress would also set off the fashion trend especially if you are in a shorter length dress and shoes become an important focal point. Therefore there is also a need to keep an eye over the latest shoe trends.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cocktail dresses for safe chic choices

Style these days are sometimes the biggest bane of the world. You just cannot keep up with the newest trends at times. In a world full of deadlines, and a family to handle when you get back, you may sometimes be out of touch with what's happening on the fashion scene. It is just not possible at times, to be able to handle a career and be able to check out fashion magazines in the midst of it all. Thus, when you suddenly have to face the prospect of going for a cocktail party, you have no idea what to wear, since you don't know what the best color is for the season, or what is in. This is particularly important when you need to dress up for an important event - like a corporate dinner.

These are some very marvelous choices for evening wear. Pink is a color that really brings out the spirit in a woman. It is very feminine, and is extremely haute, always. Thus, you can never be out of style in pink cocktail dresses. There is abundance of fantastic shades to choose from - there are shocking pinks, softer hues that tinge towards mauve, baby pinks and so on. You can decide pink cocktail dresses that suit your complexion the best. You should select a shade that goes with your hair and eyes the best.

Pink can be a dangerous color to buy, particularly when you are looking for a classy cocktail dress. However, it can also be tremendously chic and sexy when you find the right color of pink for you. It is a color that absolutely stands out from the crowd, so you want to make sure that you find the correct color of pink for your skin tone. There are many different colors of pink, so when trying on cocktail dresses ensure that the color of pink you choose does not wash you out. We still want to be able to identify the person wearing the dress. The wrong color of pink definitely has a way of making your coloring look totally different, so it is really important to find a color of pink that makes you look natural.

If pink is a color you absolutely want to wear buy a neutral colored dress and add pink accessories. A black cocktail dress with a hot pair of pink stilettos will not only make you look great, but you will be able to overcome your pink obsession.

Also, do not mix colors of pink together thinking that they complement each other. Stick to a pink dress and that is it. Do not all of a sudden decide that light pink stilettos and jewelry will look wonderful with your dark pink dress because they absolutely will not. When you are shopping for a pink cocktail dress, which is all you are shopping for.

The jeweler really depends on the neckline of the dress, and the way you plan to wear your hair. It require not be pink all the time. You could always trial with white rhinestones, pearls and so on.

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